Slot Machine Addiction 911

You cannot help it, you absolutely have to run into any and every place a slot machine is located and you stop and stare and maybe wonder if you are addicted. Good news, yes you might be, but do not worry and more importantly do not stop playing because being a slot machine addict might be better than you thought.

First of all slot machines are the most automated gambling devices in the world and it is addicting because of one sole reason; you will always hope to win the next time. Too bad though that we as humans always strive for more so after you have won, you will probably continue. So let us now talk about how you definitely know that you are a slot machine addict and how you can pull the 911 trigger if you even want to do that.

You absolutely love the ring-a-ding-ding of the slot machines when they spit out some coins into your lap, but you also love the sound the reels makes and the sound that you hear when you lose. If the sound, that tossing the coin into the clot machine makes, sounds good to you, then you are definitely addicted and hooked to slot machines.

A slot machine addiction is also prevalent once you switched from your ordinary diet to an all fruit diet, preferably lemons, grapes, cherries, and coconuts. You also started playing cards more often and just cannot stop adoring the individual cards and its designs and you could swear that you have seen them before.

Being the slot machine addict that you are, you naturally start looking for spare change. You start changing all of your bills into coins so that you do not need to do that in the casino and you can go straight to the slot machine. You also start collecting buckets from chicken wings bucket, soda buckets, and even ice cream buckets.

If you are a slot machine addict, you start to develop new slot machine strategies even just after you have left the casino, and you do not only think about slot machines the whole day, but also the whole night; you dream of slot machines and you dream of winning it all.

The ultimate slot machine addict has already won the biggest million dollar jackpot, but lost the slot machine addict has lost the money again in the process of winning an even bigger amount through slot machines. The money factor is actually the funny part about slot machine addiction because you actually do not lose that much money, just many coins that might only amount up to $50 a day.

If you feel like these symptoms apply to you then you may seek help if you lost the jackpot already but you also may continue playing if you did not win it yet.