Of Slots and Jackpots: Online Slot Machine Strategies

It is a simple fact that winning at online slot machines is purely a matter of luck. But while one cannot control their own luck, there are some slot machine strategies that one can employ to at least help their chances of winning.

With a wide assortment of online slots to choose from, players should be able to select which slot is right for them. The first thing to consider is the size of one's bankroll and the player's general objective. Before one starts playing, they must have taken a close look at all the available slots, know their rules and the prizes offered, and be certain of the game they want to play.

If the player wants to win a large jackpot, they may want to try a progressive slot machine like the Major Millions, which has paid out jackpots up to more than a million dollars although one has to bet three dollars on every spin to qualify. If one merely wishes to play online slots for a lengthy period of time, they should choose a game that accepts a small coin size and presents an array of reasonably-sized payouts. For instance, there's the Hitman slot machine which lets players wager as little as one cent or as much as seventy-five dollars on each spin while offering the chance to win some respectable prizes.

It is also important to pay attention to the slot machine payout tables. All online slots games have payout tables that indicate how much a player wins for the various winning combinations. One must be wise to study the payout table in order to formulate an ideal slots betting strategy.

For instance, the payout table of the Diamond 7's slots game shows that the winning combination of three Diamond 7 symbols pays 500 if a player bets one coin, 1000 for two coins, and 2500 for three. This means that betting with one or two coins can net one a maximum payout of 500-to-1 and a three-coin bet could yield a payout of 833-to-1. If one wishes to conserve their bankroll, they could just decrease their coin size. A bet of one large coin does not entitle a player for the 833-to-1 jackpot, but a bet of three small coins does.

The winning jackpot in a progressive slot machine is initially set at a specified amount, but then increases whenever someone plays the game. The jackpot can go up from hundreds of thousands, up to even millions of dollars. To be eligible for the jackpot, one must place the maximum bet.

One must always keep in mind that online slot machines are random. The slots are run by Random Number Generators, and each spin is totally autonomous and unaffected by the previous spins. There is no way to determine or manipulate the outcome of an online slots game.

While no online slot machine strategy can guarantee a 100% chance of winning big, they can at least keep you from losing big. Sometimes it's not about how well you play, but about how wise a player you are.